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Portable Delivery Units

ProSolo Portable Delivery Unit with Suction ProSolo
Portable Delivery Unit with Suction

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DNTL-1123 ProSolo Portable Delivery Unit with Suction $3,929.00 Call to Order (877) 625-2309

ProPak ProPak
Dental Delivery Unit
The versatile and economical ProPak series of portable delivery units has a sleek design in a durable, lightweight carrying case. The ProPak delivery units allow the dental professional to easily service many sectors, as well as backing up traditional operatories. The ProPak II features an air venturi suction system with our exclusive Asepsis VS air venturi exhaust filtration system. Requires an external air source, such as the ProAir I compressor

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DNTL-1000 ProPak I $2,229.00 Call to Order (877) 625-2309
DNTL-1050 ProPak II with A.V.S.Suction $2,809.00

ProSeal ProSeal
Portable Sealant Units
The exceptionally powerful and quiet ProSeal I and ProSeal II portable sealant units have set the standard for quality in sealant programs. Features include a powerful suction pump, integrated water supply, and an air-water syringe. The ProSeal II includes an electric lowspeed handpiece for prophy. Built-in wheels facilitate transportation

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DNTL-1300 ProSeal I Portable Sealant Unit, No Handpiece (120 V) $3,399.00 Call to Order (877) 625-2309
DNTL-1310 ProSeal II Sealant Unit with Slowspeed Handpiece (120 V) $6,639.00

ProQuest ProQuest II
Portable Delivery Systems
The ProQuest II dental delivery systems redefine the standard for powerful performance and self-contained features. Features include a powerful suction pump and an integrated electric highspeed handpiece. Optional lowspeed attachments, piezo-electric scaler and curing light. Built-in wheels facilitate transportation.

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DNTL-1410 ProQuest II Delivery System with Fiber Optics (120 V) $8,798.00

ProCart ProCart I
Self-Contained Operatory Cart
Now with 3-Handpiece Capability!

The Pro Cart I offers powerful performance in a self-contained operatory system, making it a system of choice for today's dental professionals.

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DNTL-2600 ProCart I Self-Contained Modular Treatment Cart (120 V) $8,879.00 Call to Order (877) 625-2309

ProCart ProCart II
Mobile Treatment Console
The innovative Pro Cart II combines the best attributes of self-contained mobility and a high-tech design that is perfectly suited for professional in-office use

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DNTL-2200 ProCart II Self-Contained Mobile Treatment Console (120 V) $8,669.00 Call to Order (877) 625-2309

ProCart ProCart III
Mobile Treatment Console
ProCart III mobile treatment console introduces the latest advancements in self-contained delivery systems technology into the progressive dental practice. ProCart III joins the growing family of other successful self-contained products from DNTLworks Equipment Corporation.

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DNTL-2400 ProCart III Self-Contained Mobile Treatment Console (120 V) $9,599.00 Call to Order (877) 625-2309

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