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Dental Instruments » bone rongeurs
bone rongeurs
Product No. Product Description Quality Image Price Add
13-964 BANE Rongeurs, Slight Curved (17.7cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
13-965 BEYER Double Action Rongeurs (17.7cm), Satin 
economy $65.00
13-950 BLUMENTHAL Rongeurs, 30° Standard (15.2cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
19-353B BLUMENTHAL Rongeurs, 45° Angle (11.5cm), Satin 
economy $15.85
13-951 BLUMENTHAL Rongeurs, 45° Angle (15.2cm), Satin 
economy $18.00
13-952 BLUMENTHAL Rongeurs, 90° Angle (15.2cm), Satin 
economy $18.50
13-955 CLEVELAND Rongeurs No. 4 (14cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
13-956 CLEVELAND Rongeurs No. 4A (16.5cm), Satin 
economy $18.00
13-959 CLEVELAND Side Cutting Rongeurs, No. 5 (17.1cm), Satin 
economy $18.00
13-958 CLEVELAND Side Cutting Rongeurs, No. 5S (15.2cm), Satin 
economy $18.00
13-954 FRIEDMAN Rongeurs, Delicate (14cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
13-966 GARDNER End Cutting Rongeurs, No. 6A (16.5cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
13-963 HARTMAN Rongeurs, Strong Curved (14.6cm), Satin 
economy $16.50
13-957 MEAD Rongeurs No. 10 (1A) (16.5cm), Satin 
economy $18.00
13-960 MEAD Rongeurs No. 1A (16.5cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
13-961 MEAD Rongeurs No. 2A Square Tips (16.5cm), Satin 
economy $17.50
13-953 MINI-BLUMENTHAL Rongeurs, Delicate 30° (11.5cm), Satin 
economy $16.50

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